NO to Hammonds Farm Development

Chelmsford City Council’s preferred option includes 3,000 houses plus 43,000sqm of “business space” at Hammonds Farm within the Plan period, with capacity for a further 1,500 houses beyond 2041.

The consultation period is now open and closes at 4pm on 19th June 2024. We must act now to object to this proposal which we believe will place an intolerable burden on our infrastructure, exacerbate traffic congestion, and irreparably damage our environment. We encourage everyone who opposes this development to submit an objection, the more individuals who do object, the more weight it will carry.

For context, below are sizes of existing conurbations:
3,500 houses – Danbury, Sandon and Little Baddow villages combined.
3,000 houses – Beaulieu Park current size with plans for an additional 1,500 houses.
4,100 houses – Current size of Tiptree.
43,000 sqm business space – Wembley stadium roof area or 6.5 football pitches.

Get involved

Spread the word Share our website and campaign on social media, and encourage your friends, family, and neighbours to join the cause.
Attend meetings – Stay informed and engaged.
Volunteer – Help with leafleting and other activities.
Donate Support our grassroots efforts by making a donation to help fund the campaign activities, such as printing flyers, organizing events, and engaging legal counsel.

We have created a website where you will find the latest news and can also sign up to our newsletter

Further general information on the Local Plan, including links to the objection process and an interactive online exhibition can be found on the Council’s website at In-person exhibitions held by CCC will be held at the Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford where you will be able to discuss the consultation with a planning officer.

Chelmsford city council in-person exhibitions

Thursday 16th May
Saturday 18th May
Friday 14th June
Friday 17th May
Thursday 13th June
Saturday 15th June

Public Meetings to be held by the Parishes

The working group will provide additional information to help you form your objections and to guide you through the objection process if you so wish. All are welcome to attend any of the meetings.

Main meetings

Monday 20th May 7.30pm – Danbury Mission, 54 Maldon Road, Danbury CM3 4QL For Danbury, Little Baddow & Sandon
Tuesday 28th May – 7.30pm – Boreham Village Hall, Main Road, Boreham CM3 4QL For Boreham

Supplementary meetings (for those who cannot attend the above meetings)

Saturday 25th May – 2:30pm – Danbury Leisure Centre, Dawson Suite, Main Road, Danbury, CM3 4NQ
Thursday 30th May – 7.30pm – Sandon Village Hall, Woodhill Road, Sandon, CM2 7SQ
Friday 31st May – 7.30pm – Little Baddow Memorial Hall, North Hill, CM3 4TA

Hammonds Farm Working Group – including the Parish Councils of Danbury, Sandon, Boreham and Little Baddow