Law and Order


Telephone Numbers to remember;-

In an emergency of if a crime is happening now – 999

101 – If you think a patrol car is needed (for instance if a crowd of youths are causing a disturbance). Calls will be prioritised Essex Police Headquarters Control Room
101 – For advice, or to report a non-urgent incident Chelmsford Police Station
01245 226246 – Little Baddow Neighbourhood Watch.

Essex Police website

Information on local policing can be found here :

Local police can be contacted on 01245 491491 or by email at

It is important that all crimes are reported so that calls are logged on the Police computer system. If several complaints are recorded on the same problem they would be more likely to be investigated.

Anti Social Behaviour Orders known as ASBOs are considered a useful tool in fighting disruptive behaviour crimes. Once an order has been served on a person, he/she can be arrested on very little provocation.



Calls to Crime Stoppers are recorded randomly at one of three centres around the Country at; – London, Manchester or Glasgow 0800-555111.

They are then sent to the nearest centre to where the call originated, then to the relevant police area. This process can take several days so is not suitable for urgent calls.

The advantages for the caller are that calls are anonymous and there is no fear of retaliation from violent neighbours.

The disadvantage from the Police point of view is that because the calls are anonymous they can come from anyone with a grudge to settle, and the information is not always reliable.