Heather Hills

In the years that this lovely area has been in the care of Essex Wildlife Trust, work has been concentrated on raising general management standards. This is for the benefit of both people and wildlife. Access for the public has progressively been improved throughout the footpath network, boundaries re-established, and much needed safety work carried out.

The presence of Sycamore suppressing native species proved to be a particular problem, but measures taken have at least limited its rapid spread. Extensive sections of valley slope have now been cleared of Bracken prior to sowing with Ling Heather. The first seeding trials have been very successful – young plants flowering by the second season. The Trust Warden, Steve Funnell is building up a full species list – a vital task for on-going management.

Another necessity for the future of Heather Hills was the provision of a comprehensive management plan which has been produced by Essex Wildlife Trust

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